Mum-of-four’s mysterious bruises and ‘low iron’ turns out to be rare cancer

Emma Lynch noticed the marks appearing on her legs and arms but assumed at it was down to having low iron. It transpired that she actually had acute myeloid Leukaemia

A mum-of-four was shocked to learn that the bruises randomly appearing on her body were not low iron, as she thought, but a sign that she was suffering from cancer.

Emma Lynch, from North Lanarkshire, Scotland noticed the marks appearing on her legs and arms but assumed at it was down to having low iron.

However, the marks quickly spread up her legs and after being rushed to the hospital with a fever and racing heartbeat, blood tests revealed she had acute myeloid Leukaemia, a particularly aggressive cancer of the white blood cells.

Since her diagnosis last month, Emma has started intensive chemotherapy treatment which is taking her away from her one-year-old twins and older kids, aged four and six.

Speaking to Glasgow Live, Emma said: “When I was given the diagnosis I zoned out. It felt like I wasn’t even in the room, it was all just echoing and then I heard the doctor say ‘I’m really sorry but you have acute myeloid leukaemia’.

“I just let out a scream. I didn’t even cry I just screamed. I felt like I had been hit by a train.

“After coming round my first thought was I have to fight this for my kids. I have been fighting it for my kids every day since.”

Emma started chemotherapy treatment at Beatson in Glasgow five days after her diagnoses on October 24.

Emma hopes that her story will help others “listen to their body” and ask for medical help when they spot something wrong.

She said: “In the lead up to my diagnosis was I had been having bruising appearing randomly on my body. I was experiencing tiredness and bleeding gums but what made me go to the doctors was that I had swollen feet and ankles which were painful and red.”

Emma visited the doctors and was diagnosed with cellulitis and put on a course of antibiotics. But a week later it became clear to Emma that something was seriously wrong.

“I began feeling very unwell, I had a temperature and was shivering and my heartbeat was racing fast,” said Emma.

The doctors were concerned the young mum may have contracted sepsis so asked Emma to head to the Glasgow Royal Infirmary.

After hours of tests and speaking to doctors, Emma’s worst fears become a reality.

“Another doctor came around and he had a serious expression on his face. I just knew something wasn’t right.”

Emma was still to face her biggest challenges yet, including sharing the heartbreaking news with her young family.

“Telling my family I had cancer wasn’t easy they where devastated, especially my two older kids. They were very upset but they all very supportive and rooting for me. I am doing this for them.”

Now Emma is determined to beat the disease and finish her run of chemo in time for the holidays.

Emma’s loved ones have set up a GoFundMe page to help support her family in the weeks and months ahead.